Han Hyo Jeong

Business consultant

Han Hyo Jeong

Business consultant 

« Beautystreams, a trend forecasting service, states that all eyes are currently focused on Korea,
particularly in the music, beauty, fashion and Art industries, where the mere mention of Seoul evokes a fantastical wonderland.»

- “Special Report: Guide to South Korea”

Who am I?

International citizen, Trilingual (French, English and Korean) with professional experience in international development in both Europe and Asia.

My client


Why my intellectual background is different than the other?

The intellectual background developed by studying in four languages within a highly competitive international environment.

A multifaceted nature, balancing business and market experience with a comprehensive knowledge of art and design.

How does my profile fit with your values?

Profile aligned with your values, offering a thorough understanding of business development and a design-sensitive approach.

Ready to immerse myself in understanding and analyzing different markets and customer patterns, essential for setting up a development plan and achieving success.

Consulting Domaines

Business installation in France or South Korea
Business development: Marketing & retail
Market studies: Focus on the France or South Korean market
Interpretation & Translation services

︎Paris Office, 17 rue Ramponeau 75020 
     Photo credit :  Mathieu Missiaen